Our Services

Wills, Estates and Personal Affairs

  • Will and estate planning
  • Administration of estates
  • Will and estate disputes
  • Personal and medical powers of attorney
  • Guardianship Board disputes

Family Law

  • Adoption of children
  • Pre-marriage or cohabitation agreements
  • Separation agreements
  • Matrimonial and de facto disputes over
  • children, maintenance and property
  • Restraining / Intervention orders

Commercial and Property Law

  • Residential and commercial conveyancing / leasing
  • Sale and purchase of businesses
  • Small business advice & Commercial leases
  • Property development and subdivisions
  • Company, partnership and trust law

Criminal Law

  • Minor and serious criminal charges
  • Traffic offences
  • Crimes compensation applications
  • Alleged rule breaches of clubs, bodies, corporate or professional associations